Hacking Power Supplies Allows Data To Be Lifted From Air-gapped Systems – Expert Reaction

Following reports from The Daily Swig, it was found that a security researcher has developed an leftfield technique for extracting data from air-gapped systems that relies on hacking power supplies. The Mission Impossible-style approach, dubbed ‘POWER-SUPPLaY’, relies on creating an acoustic covert channel by turning a PC’s power supplies into speakers. The technique, developed by Israeli security researcher Dr Mordechai […]

Comment: Lazarus Group Hides macOS Spyware In 2FA Application

Taming the Internet of Things

The North Korea-linked cyberthreat group known as Lazarus Group has added a new variant of the Dacls remote-access trojan (RAT) to its arsenal of spy gear, designed specifically for the Mac operating system. Dacls was first discovered last December targeting Windows and Linux platforms. The new version for Mac is now spreading via a trojanized two-factor […]

How Will We Make Collective Decisions In The Post-COVID-19 Era?

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed our daily routine. A large number of people have been urgently forced to work and spend their free time at home and now they are facing the challenges of organizing their workplace, keeping productive and staying focused. Another issue that the sudden change in circumstances has brought up is […]

Cybersecurity Must Not Be Forgotten With State-sponsored Attacks Rising Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, Experts Warn

Government-backed hackers are attacking healthcare and research institutions in an effort to steal valuable information about efforts to contain the new coronavirus pandemic, the United Kingdom and the United States have said in a joint warning. In a statement on Tuesday, the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) […]

How Genuine Anonymized Patient Data Will Unlock The Potential Of Healthcare

We are now, unquestionably, living in the age of big data. The vast amounts of traceable data generated daily can direct everything from digital transformation strategies to epidemiology. And nowhere is this more relevant than in healthcare, especially at a time where analysing COVID-19 data is crucial to tackling the global pandemic. The amount of […]