ShinyHunters Leak 73 Million Users’ Data – Expert Insight

Enterprise Applications

A hacking group known as ShinyHunters has put up a huge cache of stolen user details online, according to TechRadar. The hackers were able to steal the data of over 73 million users from various websites, including online dating app Zoosk and printing service Chatbooks, which is now up for sale for approximately $18,000 on underground […]

Expert Insight On ChatBooks Discloses Data Breach After Data Sold On Dark Web

“Wisdom” User Conference

ChatBooks photo print service has informed its customers that user information was stolen from their systems following a cyber attack. Data consisting of 15 million user records is now being offered for sale on the dark web. This breach is part of a spree of leaks from a group of hackers that is now selling over […]

Cybersecurity Expert On Intel Thunderbolt Port Flaw

Following the news around researchers finding a major bug in the Thunderbolt ports made by Intel and found in millions of PC’s, chief security scientist commented below as part of our expert commenting series.

Comment On Thunderbolt Flaws From Nuspire

Security researchers have a found security flaws in the popular Thunderbolt port. If exploited, attackers could access the contents of a locked devices’ hard drive within minutes, even if it is locked, password protected or has an encrypted hard drive.

Security Experts Re: Pitney Bowes Attacked By Maze Ransomware – Again

Hackers Attacked US Companies after Pact

Pitney Bowes has been attacked by Maze ransomware for the second time in 7 months. The Maze gang has been very active this year, being behind a large number of high-profile ransomware infections, such as Chubb, Cognizant, Bouygues Construction, Southwire, the city of Pensacola, and more.

World Pandemic: What Could Be Next, Cyber Attacks And Data Fraud?

Healthcare Organisations Suffer one Cyberattack per month

New-Generation Governance, Risk and Compliance are Critical in SAP Environment 2020 will be remembered as the year of an almost worldwide lockdown caused by a virus. What could be next? The 2019 WEF Report on significant global threats lists cyberattacks and data fraud as high-impact threats in the near future. This underscores the fact that […]