Expert On News: Attack on Service NSW compromises citizen data

The New South Wales government has confirmed it was the target of a malicious phishing attack, after reports that a staff member from Service NSW clicked on a suspicious link from an email. According to an investigation by Service NSW, 47 employees’ email accounts were accessed illegally, while they are still working to confirm the […]

Experts Reaction On DHS CISA and FBI share list of top 10 most exploited vulnerabilities

It has been reported that US cybersecurity agencies have outlined the top 10 most exploited software vulnerabilities across the past 4 years. The report, authored by the Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (DHS CISA) and the FBI, urges organisations in the public and private sector to apply necessary updates in order to prevent the most common […]

Expert Commentary: Leaked NHS files reveal plans for coronavirus tracing app

Wired reported that sensitive documents about the UK’s Coronavirus-tracing app have been carelessly leaked via a publicly accessible Google Drive link. According to the report, the leaked roadmap of the NHS’s controversial Covid-19 tracing app reveals that it could soon show user’s health status’ and ask them to share their precise location data.

Interserve Database Hacked: Expert Insight

Outsourcing group Interserve is recovering from a cyberattack which took place over the weekend that may have seen the details of up to 100,000 people stolen. Hackers broke into a human resources database owned by the outsourcing firm, which recently helped build the Birmingham Nightingale Hospital, on May 9 and stole information on current and former […]