Hacker Steals 31 SQL Databases (1.6 million rows of data) To Extort Online Shop Owners

A hacker has stolen at least 31 SQL databases containing 1,620,000 (1.6 million) rows of information relating to the customers of online shops. The hacker is offering samples of the data which, depending on the online shop, may reveal full names, usernames, email addresses, dates of birth, physical addresses, gender, account status, history and more, from each […]

Expert On AnarchyGrabber Trojan Update Stealing Discord Clients Passwords

Hackers have updated the AnarchyGrabber trojan to a new version which is capable of stealing passwords and user tokens, disabling 2FA and spreading malware to a victim’s friends as well. AnarchyGrabber is distributed for free on hacking forums and in YouTube videos and the trojan is used by cybercriminals on Discord who claim it is a game cheat, hacking […]

StrandHogg 2.0 Android Vulnerability Is Hard To Detect: Leaving 39.2 Percent Of Android Devices Vulnerable Forever – Expert Insight

Experts Comments May 27, 2020 Sam Bakken + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Senior Product Marketing Manager OneSpan Mobile apps practically have a target painted on their back. Promon’s recent malware vulnerability discovery dubbed “StrandHogg 2.0” is the latest example of what dangerous malware could do if exploited in the wild – possibly exposing Android […]

Why Security Teams Need To Look Beyond Endpoint Protection During The COVID-19 Pandemic

While much of the world is staying at home in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19, cybercriminals are out in full force and trying to use the chaos around the pandemic to their advantage. Many companies are adjusting to having an entirely remote workforce for the first time, and while there are immediate security concerns to worry about – […]

Experts Reaction On Red Cross Urges Halt To Cyberattacks On Healthcare Sector Amid COVID-19

The Red Cross has published a letter urging governments to take more decisive action against cyber attacks on healthcare infrastructure during Covid-19. Experts Comments May 27, 2020 Chris Clements + Follow Me – UnFollow Me VP Cerberus Sentinel I suspect this will have little to no impact in stemming cybercrime operations for the foreseeable future. Protection from malicious […]