Experts On Seller Floods Hacker Forum With Data Stolen from 14 Companies

Customer Data has been Stolen

It is reported that a data breach broker is selling databases containing user records for 14 different companies he claimed were breached by hackers in 2020. When a company is breached, threat actors will typically download accessible databases, including account records. These databases are then sold directly to other threat actors, or the hackers utilize […]

How Mobile Tech Can Ease The COVID-19 Burden On Retail And Logistics

There isn’t a single industry that remains unaffected by COVID-19. The closure of non-essential shops on the 26th of March, coupled with strict social distancing measures to slow the spread of the virus, has naturally caused a surge in online purchases and home deliveries during the lockdown. This, in turn, has inevitably put significant strain on the […]

Expert Commentary: Unsecured OneClass Database Exposes 1M Students

Organizations Overlook Known Security Vulnerabilities

It was announced today that over one million North American students have had their data exposed after a popular online learning platform left it in a publicly accessible cloud database. Researchers claim that the Elasticsearch database belonging to provider OneClass was left completely unsecured. The trove contained over 27GB of data, amounting to 8.9 million records, […]

Targeted Attacks On Industrial Companies Using Snake Ransomware

According to Kaspersky ICS CERT data, a number of industrial companies are currently experiencing targeted attacks involving the Snake encryption ransomware. On June 8, 2020 issues were reported which affected the computer networks of Honda, a Japanese motorcycle and auto manufacturer, in Europe and Japan. Specifically, it was announced that Honda Customer Service and Honda Financial Services were experiencing […]

AI Adoption – Data Governance Must Take Precedence

Imagine this, if you will. You’ve just bought a new car, it’s the latest model with all the frills. All of these extras make parking a doddle, your emissions reduced and your journeys smoother. You use your car nearly every day from that point onwards. You ignore the engine light when it comes on and […]

Expert On US Local Government Services Targeted By New Magecart Attack

According to researchers, eight cities across three states in the United States have fallen victim to a Magecart card skimming attack. The  compromised sites appear to have been built using Click2Gov, a web-based platform used by local governments to provide services such as community engagement, issues reporting, and online payment for local governments. Residents can use […]