How To Counter Phishing Vulnerabilities When Returning To Work

While organisations have endeavoured to adapt to the huge changes brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, there has been an increase in cyber attackers looking to exploit the situation for their own gain. These were the findings of a recent Mimecast report, which found that email-borne impersonation fraud attacks increased by 30 per cent in […]

Is Your Remote Working Model Compliant?

With data collected by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) indicating that almost 50 per cent of Great Britain’s workforce was working from home in mid-April, and with many organisations looking to consider permanent remote working models as the lockdown eases, the need to effectively manage a secure and compliant remote workforce is increasingly vital.  Yet, that mass migration […]

Vulnerability Analysis Of 2500 Docker Hub Images – Expert On Report

It has been reported that researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) put 2,500 Docker images from Docker Hub to the test. In a research paper, the computer security researchers describe how they used the open-source Anchore Engine security scanner and their own scripts to analyse a sample set of 2,500 Docker images. They found about 17.8 per cent (430) […]

How Credential Stuffing Is Evolving

Legit Login Credentials

Credential stuffing sounds simple: attackers test stolen usernames and passwords across sites to see what works. After the hype and complexity of vulnerabilities like Heartbleed and Spectre, password reuse seems easy to dismiss. This has caused credential stuffing to become the most underrated attack of the 2010s and it hints at the future of application […]

A Legion Of Bugs Puts Hundreds Of Millions Of IoT Devices At Risk

It has been reported that Israeli security firm JSOF revealed today a collection of vulnerabilities it’s calling Ripple20, a total of 19 hackable bugs it has identified in code sold by a little known Ohio-based software company called Treck, a provider of software used in internet-of-things devices. JSOF’s researchers found that one bug-ridden part of Treck’s code, built to […]

Breaking Down AI’s Role In Cybersecurity


Data security is now more vital than ever.  Today’s cybersecurity threats are incredibly smart and sophisticated. Security experts face a daily battle to identify and assess new risks, identify possible mitigation measures and decide what to do about the residual risk.  This next generation of cybersecurity threats require agile and intelligent programs that can rapidly […]

Expert Reaction On Multiple Dating Apps Exposed 845 GB Of data

Security researchers at Noam Rotem and Ran Locar have found 845 gigabytes of exposed data from dating apps online. The data is of users from a number of dating sites and contained particularly sensitive material including sexually explicit photos and audio recordings.

Experts On ‘Lamphone’ Hack Uses Lightbulb Vibrations To Eavesdrop On Homes

A new hack allowed researchers to discern sound — including “Let it Be” by the Beatles, and audio from a Donald Trump speech — from lightbulb vibrations. Researchers have discovered a novel way to spy on conversations that are happening in houses from almost a hundred feet away. The hack stems simply from a lightbulb hanging in […]

Businesses Incur Greater Losses Year-On-Year Due To Payment Fraud

Bottomline 2020 Business Payments Barometer reveals:  Only 1 in 10 small businesses report recovering more than 50% of losses due to fraud Despite an increase in new payments initiatives and regulations, just 59% of businesses feel prepared for Open Banking – down 8% from 2019 Accelerating digitisation is crucial to navigate challenges posed by COVID-19 […]