Security CTO Offers Insights On Danger Of Uninspected HTTPS

This week’s report on encrypted malware evading security through uninspected HTTPS. With enterprises grappling with an increasing remote workforce and how to properly secure their employees, there is a greater focus on making sure basic security measures are taken.

200M+ Users At Risk: New Malicious .slk Files Are Bypassing Microsoft 365 Security

Avanan’s security analysts have detected new malicious .slk files bypassing Microsoft 365 security, risking 200M+ users. In this attack, hackers send an email with an .slk attachment that contains a malicious macro (MSI exec script) to download and install a remote access trojan. The attack specifically targets Microsoft 365 accounts and until recently, was isolated to […]

Aspire News’ Data Breach – Security Expert Reaction

Reaching out in regards to the saddening data breach suffered by Aspire News, an app backed by Dr.Phil to help domestic violence victims covertly signal distress. The breach, leaking thousands of uploaded video recordings, was due to an unprotected cloud server left open for anyone online to access.

Experts On 350,000 Social Media Influencers And Users At Risk Following Data Breach

Social Network Sharing Makes Users an Easy Target for Cyber-Criminals

Infosecurity Magazine reports personal data of an estimated 100,000 social media influencers has been accessed and partially leaked following a breach at social media marketing firm Preen.Me, Risk Based Security has discovered. The same breach has also led to more than 250,000 social media users having their information fully exposed on a deep web hacking forum, leaving these individuals […]

New Cryptominer Malware is Attacking Windows and Linux Machines

A new variant of the crypto-miner malware ‘Golang’, is targeting Windows and Linux machines, according to researchers at Barracuda Networks, the trusted partner and leading provider for cloud-enabled security solutions. Instead of targeting end-users, this new malware attacks servers, targeting web application frameworks, application servers, and non-HTTP services such as Redis and MSSQL. Its main goal is […]