Cybersecurity Expert Comments on EU Sanctions Against Cyberattacks

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Recent news broke that the European Union (EU) is imposing its first-ever sanctions related to cybercrime, against six individuals and three entities accused of conducting disruptive cyberattacks in Europe. Cybersecurity experts provide an insight below on this news.

Expert Commentary: Ledger Suffered Data Breach, Names, Phone Numbers, Postal Addresses Leaked

France-based major hardware wallet provider Ledger has admitted it suffered a data breach on June 17 that appears to have allowed a “third party” access to at least 1 million of its users’ contact details. The firm took to Twitter to state that its marketing and e-commerce database was compromised through a third party’s API key that was misconfigured on […]

Twitter confirms spear-phishing attack on employees

Following the major security breach suffered by Twitter on 15 July, it has confirmed that the hack targeted a small number of employees through a phone “spear-phishing” attack. Attackers targeted specific employees who had access to account support tools, Twitter said. The company added it has since restricted access to its internal tools and systems.

Experts On The News: The Vatican Is Said To Be Hacked From China Before Talks With Beijing

Chinese hackers infiltrated the Vatican’s computer networks in the past three months, a private monitoring group has concluded, in an apparent espionage effort before the beginning of sensitive negotiations with Beijing. The attack was detected by Recorded Future, a firm based in Somerville, Mass. The Chinese Communist Party has been waging a broad campaign to tighten […]

Driving Secure 5G Operations With A Triangle Of Trust

Securing customer trust is one of the most vital things a Communications Service Provider (CSP) can do to not only win business, but keep it. As new services are launched from new technological innovation, such as 5G, customers that have trust in a provider will look to them to update their network infrastructure. This holds […]

Expert On University of Utah Health Recent Data Breach Investigation

It has been reported that The University of Utah is investigating a serious data breach reported to the Department of Health and Human Services on July 20. The University is taking extra precautions by informing the affected staff, faculty, and students to change their uNID passwords. In response to this breach, cybersecurity experts commented below.

Experts Reaction Om OkCupid App & Web Security Flaws Discovered

The checkpoint research team reported a slew of flaws in OkCupid’s popular dating app, allowing attackers to collect users’ sensitive information, change their profile, or even send messages from their profile. Cybersecurity experts reacted below on this research.

5 Key Factors To ‘Avoid’ Information Security Risks

Now, the intense race is on between development and security. Thanks to the rapid technological advancements and changing trends that made this happen. Moreover, the COVID-19 crisis has added more to the IT brainstorming across organizations, globally. Increasing cloud adoption has become imperative than ever, and eventually, information security is drawing more attention. Naturally, Chief […]