Hackers Exploit Covid-19 Vaccine Interest As Cover For Attacks

Phishing emails with subject lines related to vaccines now being used to trick recipients into downloading malicious Windows, Word and Excel files designed to steal a person’s credentials  Number of new, vaccine-related coronavirus domains double in June and July 2020 1 out of every 25 malicious coronavirus-related websites’ landing pages is vaccine-related Email (82%) dominates […]

Experts On News: Reddit hacked and defaced with pro-Trump messages

Reddit Inc. is the latest company to be hacked, with some 70 groups on the site defaced with pro-Donald Trump messages. The hack occurred on Friday and involved those behind the attack accessing accounts belonging to moderators of popular subreddits with millions of subscribers, including r/space, r/food, r/Japan, r/nfl, r/cfb and r/podcasts. The messages posted […]

Expert On ‘Have I Been Pwned’ Going To Open Source

Following the news about “Have I Been Pwned” opening up its code base to the open source community after unsuccessfully attempting to have the platform acquired, a Cybersecurity expert has some insight on the topic. Experts Comments August 11, 2020 Nilesh Dherange + Follow Me – UnFollow Me CTO Gurucul With the seemingly never ending […]

ProctorU Breach: Expert Commentary

In response to the recent news about ProctorU’s data breach after a threat actor released a stolen database of user records, below are some insightful comments from cybersecurity experts on this topic. Experts Comments August 13, 2020 Chris Abbey + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Incident Handling Manager Red Canary Essentially, a remote proctoring service boasts […]

Expert Reaction On BBB Warns of Immigrants Targetted Scammers

The cybersecurity professional reacted below on the recent warning by BBB on how the scam artists using the Diversity Visa Program to prey on immigrants seeking the United States work or study visa. Scammers are crafting the emails as they are coming from an official US immigration agency in an attempt to tempt the immigrants with urgent […]