Jack Daniel’s-Maker Suffers Ransomware Breach – Expert Comments

Bloomberg reported late Friday that US wine and spirits giant Brown-Forman has become the latest big-name brand to suffer a serious ransomware-related data breach, according to the cyber-criminals. Experts Comments August 18, 2020 Brian Higgins + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Security Specialist Comparitech.com It sounds like Brown-Forman have managed to avoid the full brunt of this […]

Konica Minolta ransomware attack – experts perspective

If you’re following the reports of a RansomEXX “live attacker” cyber-attack that caused a recent outage at Konica Minolta, the global provider of business printing solutions, healthcare technology, and managed IT services, here’s the perspective from an expert with Stealthbits Technologies. Experts Comments August 18, 2020 Saryu Nayyar + Follow Me – UnFollow Me CEO […]

“GlueBall” Microsoft Windows Spoofing Vulnerability – Expert Source

OpenSSL Vulnerability a Reminder that Security is a Process

As part of its Patch Tuesday release on August 11, 2020, Microsoft included a zero day vulnerability that went unfixed for several years. This vulnerability, CVE-2020-1464 and dubbed “GlueBall”, could allow an attacker to bypass security features built into Windows to validate file signatures, ultimately allowing an attacker to run improperly signed binaries on a system. This spoofing vulnerability […]

UK consumers increasingly wary of cyber crime

UK consumers have grown increasingly wary of cybercrime, particularly online scams, since lockdown was introduced in March, according to ITProPortal. Results from a new report by Ipsos MORI show that almost a quarter of UK consumers are afraid of buying counterfeit goods online, while more than half fear account breaches and malware (58 and 57 percent, […]

Security Experts On Carnival Hit With Ransomware Attack Exposing Data

Carnival Corporation, largest cruise operator in the world with over 150,000 employees and 13 million guests annually, has been hit with a ransonware attack expsoing data of customers and employees. Cybersecurity experts reacted below. Carnival hit by ransomware attack, guest and employee data accessed https://t.co/UuIPj4BMwd pic.twitter.com/gHWd2i1uxt — Reuters (@Reuters) August 18, 2020 Experts Comments August […]

Canada Revenue Agency shuts down after cyberattack – hacked login credentials at fault

A series of cyberattacks targeting the Canada Revenue Agency has led to a shutdown of services after thousands of accounts were breached. The attack follows two recent trends: Cybercriminals across the world are increasingly targeting government institutions to maximise disruption. Usernames and passwords continue to be an inefficient and failing defense mechanism for protecting accounts. With […]