Details on over 350,000 SSL247 customers exposed due to misconfigured AWS bucket

Flash Zero Day vulnerabilities

Another week, another misconfigured AWS S3 bucket as security researchers have discovered a misconfigured AWS S3 bucket exposing sensitive files related to SSL247, a reseller of internet security products. The leaky database exposed the personal information of up to 350,000 customers (150 GB), who made purchases through SSL247 between 2012-2020. The data breach affected customers in South America, […]

Android Users Warned About 40 Malware-ridden Apps That Entice You With Free Trainers

Researchers from White Ops Satori Threat Intelligence & Research team have warned about more than 40 apps that promise free shoes, but actually infect your smartphone with dangerous malware. If downloaded, the malware, dubbed TERRACOTTA, can be used to generate fraudulent ad impressions and bombard your smartphone with annoying ads. Experts Comments August 28, 2020 Tarik […]

Email Threads Hijacked By The QBot Trojan – Security Expert Insight

Research released today by Check Point, revealing that the QBot Trojan operators are using new tactics to hijack legitimate, emailed conversations in order to steal credentials and financial data. Experts Comments August 28, 2020 Dr. Vinay Sridhara + Follow Me – UnFollow Me CTO Balbix Today it was reported that the QBot Trojan operators are […]

Experts Reacted On Musk Confirms Russian Hack Targeted Tesla Factory

The US authorities arrested and charged a Russian national in US who was recruiting and convincing a Tesla’s employee to install a malware at Tesla factory in Nevada. The Telsa CEO Elon Musk also confimed the plot by tweet.The cybersecurity experts reacted on this new plot. Experts Comments September 01, 2020 Matt Walmsley + Follow […]

US Coast Guard Increases Maritime Cybersecurity Criteria For Commercial Vessels

The increasing number of cyber incidents against commercial vessels and port authorities has led the US Coast Guard to publish updated guidelines for mitigating cyber risks and vulnerabilities in the shipping sector. In March 2020, the US Coast Guard issued new “Guidelines for Addressing Cyber Risks at Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA)-regulated facilities”. The Guidelines […]