Phishing Trends In 2020: How To Adapt To Keep Hackers At Bay

2020 has seen hackers continuing to evolve their cyber-attack techniques, employing cynical new methods to extort money from victims. By understanding the latest phishing trends, organisations will be able to adapt and take measures to mitigate risk in the developing cyber threat landscape. When we look back at the early days of phishing emails, they […]

Expert On Study Finds Serious Problems With Vulnerability Management

Web Vulnerability Scanner

The majority of IT departments are underestimating the maturity of their vulnerability remediation programs by a wide margin, according to a study from Vulcan Cyber. The company said it was surprised that most organizations think that they are much further along in their work in patching known vulnerabilities yet they have barely begun the work required. “What […]

Expert Reaction On Apple Approves OSX.Shlayer Malware

Following this week’s news, that Apple accidentally approved one of the most popular Mac malware threats, OSX.Shlayer, as part of its security notarisation process, please see below for a comment from cybersecurity expert, Kaspersky.

Slack Desktop App Vulnerability – Expert Source

Collaboration company Slack disclosed a Remote Code Execution (RCE) flaw on August 31st, 2020, affecting users of its Windows, Mac OS, and Linux desktop application versions. Users that click on an HTML injected image are redirected to an attacker’s server where a malicious JavaScript payload is executed within the Slack application on the user’s local […]

Expert Insight On Spike in TA505 Threat Activity

This week the Nuspire Security Analytics Team observed a new spike on TA505 activity targeting industries such as Finance, Automotive, Healthcare, and Government, among others. The threat group has modified and stabilized their social engineering technique, they were observed sending emails with an attached HTML page that contained malicious JavaScript code, which directed the victims […]