Don’t Compromise Security For Business Continuity This Patch Tuesday

By the time UK CISOs encounter this month’s Patch Tuesday many organisations will have been working from home for almost 6 months. The shift of the UK workforce to indefinite remote working has created the combined challenges of VPN bottlenecks, a surge in unprotected endpoints, and remote working stresses that threaten to expose corporate assets […]

Research Exposes Cybersecurity Industry’s Vulnerabilities On The Dark Web

badlock vulnerability

Geneva, Switzerland, 08 September 2020 – global application security company ImmuniWeb, has conducted research into the state of the global cybersecurity industry’s exposure on the Dark Web this year. Its findings uncovered that 97% of leading cybersecurity companies have data leaks or other security incidents exposed on the Dark Web, while on average there are over […]

2020 – Ransomware And ‘Data’ Security

In the current 2020 era of cyber insecurity and the associated everyday logical dangers impacting both global organisations and individuals alike, with the resulting effect on the economy being significant in financial loss realised by an extraordinary amount in the form trillions of dollars. We also see, what has become an almost everyday encounter of […]

A data fail left banks and councils exposed by a quick Google search

Private details relating to more than 50,000 letters sent out by banks and local authorities were indexed by Google after a London-based outsourcing firm left its system hopelessly exposed. Cybersecurity experts reacted below on this news and the importance of a data loss prevention system. Experts Comments September 10, 2020 Jamie Akhtar + Follow Me […]

Cyber attack on Newcastle Uni is part of a concerning trend – Experts Insight

Newcastle University has become the latest University to fall victim to ransomware in what has become over the last several years a very concerning trend. The cybersecurity expert reacted to this news below. Experts Comments September 08, 2020 Adenike Cosgrove + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Cyber Security Strategist, International Proofpoint In recent years, the […]

Experts On News State Bank Of Chile Shuts All Branches After REvil Ransomware Attack

It has been reported that BancoEstado, one of Chile’s three biggest banks, was forced to shut down all branches yesterday following a ransomware attack that took place over the weekend. “Our branches will not be operational and will remain closed today,” the bank said in a statement published on its Twitter account on Monday. Details […]

Reaction On Phones For Low-income Citizens Preloaded With Malicious Adware

Research has found that phones for low-income users have been hacked before they’re turned on, according to CNET. Devices paid for by the federally funded Lifeline program, established to ensure that people on low incomes can stay connected to vital services via phone and email, have been subject to an endless barrage of pop-up ads. […]

Experts on News: Hackers exploiting critical flaw found across millions of WordPress sites

WordPress, comments in trouble.

Millions of WordPress sites are facing attacks following the discovery of a security flaw in a popular plugin, according to TechRadar. Researchers at security firm Defiant have warned that the File Manager plugin used by hundreds of thousands of WordPress sites has a zero-day vulnerability, allowing hackers to launch attacks on users. This flaw could […]

Newcastle University Students’ Data Held To Ransom By Cyber Criminals

As reported by Sky NewsSky News, Newcastle University is being held to ransom by cyber criminals in an attack which has been disrupting IT systems since the beginning of the month. The cyber crime group behind the attack – known as DoppelPaymer – previously leaked documents online relating to Elon Musk’s companies SpaceX and Tesla. […]