Expert Commentary: Schools Forced To Postpone After Ransomware Attacks

Officials from the city of Hartford, Connecticut, were forced to postpone the first day of the new school calendar year after a ransomware infection impacted the city’s IT network. According to a statement published by Hartford Public Schools, the school district serving the city of Hartford, the ransomware attack impacted several of the school’s internal […]

Expert Reaction On Pakistan’s Largest Private Power Utility Hit By Netwalker Ransomware

It has been reported that K-Electric, Pakistan’s largest private power utility, has suffered a Netwalker ransomware attack that led to the disruption of billing and online services. K-Electric serves 2.5 million customers and employs over 10 thousand people. The #cyberattack has affected KE's Windows computers and backups, and hacked encrypted data is no longer usable […]