Getting Cloud Right: The 4 Crucial Aspects Of Cloud Security

Cloud is not an emerging trend anymore. It is a mature business model for IT organizations to stay competitive in today’s challenging digital landscape. Cloud is not only redefining the IT landscape but also how security measures are developed and deployed. The migration to the cloud has forced organizations to rethink security and privacy from […]

Experts Insight On US Court of Louisiana Hit by “Conti” Ransomware

It is reported that the Fourth District Court of Louisiana has been hit by ransomware and responsible hacking group Conti has claimed the attack and published the proof on the dark web. The court’s website remains offline. Below, a cybersecurity expert provides an insight into this ransomware attack.

Tackling SIM Swap Fraud: Time For New, More Robust Verification Methods

With T-Mobile recently falling victim to a major SIM swap fraud attack and millions of other consumers still being affected by similar hacks, there is now an urgent need for more robust authentication and verification methods that guard against the ongoing threat posed by SIM swapping. The coronavirus pandemic has seen a large number of […]