Mirai Malware’s Source Code’s Evolved To Hit New Targets – Expert Perspective

New research “Priority threat actors adopt Mirai source code” from Juniper Threat Labs shows how threat actors are adopting and evolving Mirai source code for new targets. Juniper researcher Jesse Lands also warns that many organizations are becoming unduly complacent about Mirai attacks, placing them at heightened risk.   Experts Comments October 03, 2020 Saryu […]

Expert Comment On H&M’s GDPR Fine

H&M has been hit with a $40m GDPR fine for illegally surveilling employees in Germany. Experts Comments October 03, 2020 Francis Gaffney + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Director of Threat Intelligence Mimecast GDPR is not just something else an organisation needs to comply with, but rather benefit from the behaviours GDPR is designed to […]

Expert On GCHQ Discovered ‘Nationally Significant’ Vulnerability In Huawei Equipment

badlock vulnerability

A “nationally significant” vulnerability were discovered in Huawei equipment used in the UK’s telecommunications networks. Vulnerabilities are usually software design failures which could allow hostile actors (in particular the Chinese state when it comes to Huawei) to conduct a cyber attack. They are not necessarily intentional and can’t be seen as an indication of any hostile intent […]

Blackbaud – Data Breach Expert Comment

Blackbaud recently confirmed that bank details and passwords may have been stolen in a charity hack. Blackbaud suffered a data breach back in May, but the attack has resurfaced with new information coming out. The software developer originally paid the ransomware and confirmed bank details were not leaked. While the question around whether to pay […]

Facebook Takes Legal Action Against Data Scraping – Expert Comments

Facebook said it has filed a lawsuit in the US against two companies that used scraping to engage in an international data harvesting operation. These companies scraped data from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Amazon, in order to sell “marketing intelligence” and other services. Experts Comments October 03, 2020 Kim DeCarlis + Follow Me – […]