Infosec Teams Must Act And Think Differently To Combat Adversaries

The growth in widespread, sophisticated attacks I have been following, with interest, the attacks on the Australian Government which have led to quite a bit of publicity and debate around who the culprits are behind the cyberattacks. Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, confirmed the attacks were widespread across “all levels of government” including in essential services and businesses. In July, he announced that $1.35 billion in existing defence funding would be spent over the next decade to boost the cybersecurity […]

Expert Reacted On Research: SOCs Employing AI And ML Tools To Detect Advanced Threats

Hidden Threats in Encrypted Mission-Critical

Global software provider, Micro Focus, launches its 2020 State of Security Operations report, which reveals that SOCs across the globe are increasingly looking to AI and ML to detect advanced threats and proactively protect the enterprise. The research finds that over 93% of global organisations are implementing AI and ML technologies to improve threat detection capabilities, while over 89% expect […]

Experts Reacted On News: British Airways Fined £20m For Data Breach

British Airways has been fined £20m for failing to protect the personal and financial details of more than 400,000 customers, according to Business Live. This follows an investigation by the Information Commissioner’s Office (IC)) after the airline was the subject to a cyber-attack, which it did not detect for more than two months, in 2018. The […]