Albion Games Online Forum Suffers Data Breach – Experts Insight

8 of the Largest Data Breaches of All Time

A hacker has breached the forum of Albion Online, a popular free medieval fantasy MMORPG, and stole usernames and password hashes, the game maker disclosed on Saturday. “The intruder was able to access forum user profiles, which include the email addresses connected to those forum accounts,” said Sandbox Interactive GmbH, the company behind Albion Online. The attacker also […]

Having Everything At Once? Tips For Small Enterprises On How To Choose An EDR Solution That Suits Their Needs

The attacks taking place on small and medium enterprises (SME) are becoming more sophisticated, meaning that they cannot be easily prevented by traditional endpoint protection mechanisms. In such cases, timely incident detection is essential to minimise any potential negative impact. However, this challenging task cannot be done without enhanced endpoint visibility, exploring suspicious activities and […]

Experts Reacted On US Indicts Sandworm, Russia’s Most Destructive Cyberwarfare Unit

It has been reported that The US Department of Justice has unsealed today charges against six GRU officers believed to be members of Sandworm, one of today’s most advanced state-sponsored hacking groups. Their attacks span the last decade and include some of the biggest cyber-attacks known to date, including trying to undermine UK efforts to hold Moscow accountable […]

What Experts Say On EU Investigating Instagram Over Child Data Violations

Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner is investigating Instagram over how the platform handles personal data of children. If the company has broken any privacy laws, Facebook, the parent company could be liable to pay a huge fine. Recently, reports highlighting Instagram’s inability to protect data gained traction online. According to the reports, Instagram allowed email addresses […]

Twitter Employees Handed Over VPN Credentials That Led To Infamous July Hack


The huge Twitter hack that occurred back in July came about due to stolen VPN credentials, according to TechRadar. It has now been revealed that Twitter employees were tricked into handing over their account details by hackers that had managed to create a site that looked identical to the genuine VPN login page. The hackers pretended […]