COVID-19 And The Rise In Card Fraud: Biometric Payment Cards Can Help Banks Fight Back

The frequency of debit and credit card fraud has risen to unprecedented levels since the start of the pandemic. Even as many national economies falter from coronavirus, and millions of citizens struggle with job losses and debt, fraudsters haven’t stopped. Quite the opposite, in fact. It seems many have taken advantage of the disruption caused […]

23,600 Hacked Databases Have Leaked From A Defunct ‘Data Breach Index’ Site

It has been reported that more than 23,000 hacked databases have been made available for download on several hacking forums and Telegram channels in what threat intel analysts are calling the biggest leak of its kind. The database collection is said to have originated from, a private service advertised on hacking forums to other cybercriminals. […]

Experts On RegretLocker Ransomware Strikes Windows Virtual Desktops

Juniper Threat Labs is offering perspective on the newly discovered RegretLockerExperts On RegretLocker Ransomware Strikes Windows Virtual Desktops ransomware, which rapidly encrypts Windows virtual desktops according to researchers. MalwareHunterTeam: Researcher Vitali Kremez: Juniper Threat Labs:

Seven Deadly Cybersecurity Sins Of SMBs

What small to medium-sized businesses need to know about securing their remote workforce Whether small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are better positioned to work from home than their larger brethren is debatable, but one thing that is clear (and was even so pre-COVID) and that is that SMBs bear the brunt of cybersecurity attacks and […]

75,000 ‘Deleted’ Files Found On Discarded USB Drives

Cybersecurity researchers discovered about 75,000 files after buying 100 USB drives on an internet auction site, according to BBC News. Tax returns, contracts and bank statements were among the “deleted” files recovered by Abertay University investigators from the used drives, and some even contained files named “passwords” and images with embedded location data. All but […]

McAfee Labs Threats Report Reveals 605% Increase In COVID-19-Themed Attack Detections

McAfee has released its Quarterly Threats Report examining cybercriminal activity related to malware and the evolution of cyber threats in Q2 2020.   During this past quarter, McAfee saw an average of 419 new threats per minute. What began as a trickle of COVID-19-related phishing campaigns has evolved into a surge of data breaches and threat actors leaking sensitive data - exploiting the realities of large […]