Why Deepfake Technology Isn’t Just Confined To The Political Sphere

The 2020 U.S. presidential election once again brought to light the emerging threat of deepfakes, a concern that has also been expressed by the World Economic Forum. Prior to Election Day, the organisation stated that deepfakes could have an “unprecedented impact on this election.” Election results aside, over the last few years, deepfakes have infiltrated […]

New Gitpaste-12 Worming Botnet Spreads via GitHub And Pastebin – Experts Perspectives

Beebone botnet

New findings were published today on the “Gitpaste-12” worm, which uses GitHub and Pastebin to store component code and has at least 12 different attack modules available to exploit a range of vulns. It relies on GitHub and Pastebin to download payloads, two sites that aren’t usually blocked and their connection is encrypted, making it more difficult for […]