Managing Decreasing Public Tolerance For Cyberattacks

As global economies continue to battle the challenges brought on by COVID-19, millions of people around the world continue to work from home to help slow the spread of the disease. With local lockdowns happening across England, as part of a new three-tier restrictions strategy which has come into force, remote working is set to […]

Experts Reacted On WhatsApp To Introduce Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp is introducing a “disappearing messages” option that will erase chats from the phone of both the sender and recipient after seven days, according to BBC News. The Facebook-owned app, which has two billion users worldwide, said the setting would help keep chats private. But it said recipients would still be able to screenshot or […]

Expert On Italian Beverage Vendor Campari Knocked Offline After Ransomware Attack

It has been reported that Campari Group, the famed Italian beverage vendor behind brands like Campari, Cinzano, and Appleton, has been hit by a ransomware attack and has taken down a large part of its IT network. The attack took place last Sunday, on November 1, and has been linked to the RagnarLocker ransomware gang, according to a copy of the […]

Ransomware hits Brazil’s Superior Court & other Federal agencies – Security Experts Perspectives

FTC authority over data security practices

Brazil’s Superior Court of Justice (STJ) President Humberto Martins announced that “the court’s information technology network suffered a hacker attack on Tuesday (3), during the afternoon, when the six group classes’ judgment sessions took place. The Secretariat for Information and Communication Technology (STI) is working to recover the systems of services offered by the Court.” Security Experts […]

Open University Bombarded By Over 1 Million Email Attacks In 2020 – Experts Reaction

Handing Over Emails in an Irish Server

The Open University, which is based in London, has been bombarded by 1,191,312 malicious email attacks over the past nine months, from January 2020 to September 2020. This is according to official data obtained by a Parliament Street think tank via a Freedom of Information act request. Fortunately, all malicious messages, which included spam, malware […]