Sir Tim Berners-Lee Proposes ‘Fix’ For NHS Data Problem

The founder of the World Wide Web may have come up with an answer for one of the NHS’s biggest challenges: how to give people some control of their medical data while making sure it can be shared with all of the doctors and other healthcare workers who need it. For two years, Sir Tim […]

Experts Reaction On Latest Mashable Data Breach

Mashable issued a statement on their website saying in part: This past Wednesday evening, November 4th, we learned that a hacker known for targeting websites and apps had posted a copy of a Mashable database to the internet. Based on our review, the database related to a feature that, in the past, had allowed readers to use […]

Expert Comment On Big Basket Data Breach


Big Basket, India’s leading online food and grocery store, became victim to a data breach exposing the data of 20 million customers. Cybersecurity experts commented below as part of our expert comment series. Experts Comments November 10, 2020 Jonathan Miles + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Head of Strategic Intelligence and Security Research Mimecast It is worrying […]

Experts Insight On Hotel Booking Firm Leaks Info From Millions Of Guests

On Friday, research was published that a hotel reservation platform has been exposing highly sensitive data from millions of hotel guests worldwide, dating as far back as 2013 and including credit card details for 100,000s of people. Based in Madrid and Barcelona, Prestige Software sells a channel management platform called Cloud Hospitality to hotels that […]

5 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2021

New Hunting Grounds for Hackers in 2016

Now is the time when professionals and thought leaders start anticipating what the cybersecurity 2021 landscape will look like and how they can prepare for the changes ahead. Here are five predictions likely to affect IT security experts and business decision-makers in the coming year.  1. Ransomware Will Remain an Ever-Present Threat Ransomware attacks can […]