Fraudulent Minecraft-Related Apps Deceive Millions Of Google Play Users, Avast Warns

Fleeceware applications, posing as Minecraft mods, lure hundreds of dollars per month from their users for simple services such as new wallpapers Avast (LSE:AVST), a global leader in digital security and privacy products, has identified a wave of malicious mobile applications in the Google Play Store targeting gamers, particularly fans of the popular Minecraft video […]

Malicious Use Of SSL Increases As Attackers Deploy Hidden Attacks

OpenSSL Flaw

New research by Zscaler, analyzing 6.6 billion security threats, has discovered a 260% increase in attacks during the first nine months of 2020. Among the encrypted attacks was an increase of the amount of ransomware by 500%, with the most prominent variants being FileCrypt/FileCoder, followed by Sodinokibi, Maze and Ryuk.

Almost Four-In-Ten Data Breaches Are Caused By Stressed, Tired Employees

Egress’ recent Outbound Email Security Report has revealed that stressed, tired employees are behind almost four in ten of the most severe data breach incidents. As stress levels rise, rushed employees are more likely to make simple mistakes such as sending an email to the wrong person, or attaching the wrong file. With remote workers facing distractions from childcare to delivery drivers […]

EU Paper Hints At Further Steps Towards Banning Encryption

As reported by TechDirt, a new EU “Draft Council Resolution on Encryption” has come out as the EU Council of Ministers continues to drift dangerously towards banning end-to-end encryption. The organisation says they just want “lawful access” to encrypted content, but there are fears that any such backdoor would effectively remove the protections of end-to-end encryption: […]