Microsoft Advises To Stop Using Phone-Based 2FA – Security Expert Reaction

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Microsoft Director of Identity Security Alex Weinert advised in “It’s Time to Hang Up on Phone Transports for Authentication” that it’s time to move on from public switched networks for authentication such as SMS and voice call one-time codes, and move to more secure MFA solutions such as app-based authenticators and security keys.

What Expert Says On Chrome Adding Anti-hijacking Feature

Google is bringing Chrome in line with the likes of Safari and Firefox by introducing a security feature that will help to protect users against tab hijacking, according to TechRadar. A technique known as tab-nabbing is used in various attacks, including phishing campaigns that redirect victims to malicious sites, but it can be avoided if […]

Cloud-based Multi-factor Authentication: The Starting Point For Security, Compliance And User Experience

Banks and businesses are constantly under pressure to keep their data, customers, and employees secure. This has heightened in the last few months, as the global pandemic has seen cybercriminals ramp up activity. The number of phishing websites increasing by 350% since the start of the year, and £16.6 million lost in shopping fraud losses since the beginning of lockdown. Furthermore, […]