Experts Reacted On News That Micropayments Company Coil Exposed Hundreds Of Customer Email Addresses

Micropayments company Coil has emailed users its new privacy policy but, in error, put hundreds of their users’ email addresses in the “To:” field – breaching their privacy. Coil has become aware of the incident and sent an apology email with a subject line “Please forgive us”. More on that story here: Experts Comments November […]

Experts Reacted On Lazarus Malware Strikes South Korean Supply Chains

It has been reported that Lazarus malware has been tracked in new campaigns against South Korean supply chains, made possible through stolen security certificates.  Today, cybersecurity researchers from ESET revealed the abuse of the certificates, stolen from two separate, legitimate South Korean companies. In this supply chain attack, the threat actors are using an “unusual supply chain mechanism,” ESET says, […]

Hackers Pose As WHO Officials To Attack COVID-19 Vaccines

Pharmaceutical companies researching treatments and vaccines for COVID-19 are being actively targeted by prominent nation state-backed hackers from Russia and North Korea, according to IT Pro. Groups including Strontium, Zinc and Cerium are launching “unconscionable” cyber-attacks against companies running trials for COVID-19 vaccines, one clinical research organisation and a company that’s developed a virus test […]

Ticketmaster Fined £1.25m Over Payment Data Breach

The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Officer confirmed on Friday that it was fining Ticketmaster £1.25 million in relation to a data breach of the ticketing firm’s website back in 2018. Experts Comments November 20, 2020 Aman Johal + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Lawyer and Director Your Lawyers The ICO’s penalty is a step in the […]

Resident Evil Developer Capcom Breached – Experts Perspective

Resident Evil developer Capcom has announced a breach that compromised the personal information of employees, and potentially compromised the data of up to 350,000 users.  Experts Comments November 17, 2020 Saryu Nayyar + Follow Me – UnFollow Me CEO Gurucul The recent Capcom breach is damaging for them on multiple levels. The loss of customer information, including […]

Experts Insight On Jupyter Trojan – Newly Discovered Malware Stealthily Steals Usernames And Passwords

The cybersecurity company Morphisec has discovered Jupyter infostealer on the network of an unnamed higher education establishment in the US. A newly uncovered trojan malware campaign is targeting businesses and higher education in what appears to be an effort to steal usernames, passwords and other private information as well as creating a persistent backdoor onto compromised systems. […]

From Sam Morse To John Postel, What Did We Learn? Apparently Nothing!

This month, as a prediction for the world of Cyber in 2021, I wrote the following: “In the period of 2021 more successful security attacks and compromise will be encountered, with many high profile organisations, in multiple sectors falling on their own sword of insecurity, and will thus pay the price of the reactive style […]