PushBug’s Widespread Push Notification Abuse In The Wild

It is being reported that an increasing number of websites are asking visitors to approve “notifications,” browser modifications that periodically display messages on the user’s mobile or desktop device. In many cases these notifications are benign, but several dodgy firms are paying site owners to install their notification scripts and then selling that communications pathway to scammers […]

Experts On US Military Found Buying Personal Data From Muslim Pro App

Securing Applications Running on 500+ Million Devices

It has been reported that The US military is purchasing private information gathered from apps around the world, including several used by Muslims that have been downloaded nearly 100 million times, a new report says. An investigation by the online magazine Motherboard published on Monday found the US Special Operations Command was procuring location data from several companies and […]

Privacy Experts On API Bug On Dating Site Bumble Exposed Personal Information Of 100M Users

An API bug in popular dating sites Bumble exposed personal information of users which includes like political leanings, astrological signs, education, and even height and weight, and their distance away in miles. The bug is found by an independent Security Evaluators researcher Sanjana Sarda and she can able to access personal information for the platform’s […]

Experts Insight On Web Hosting Giant Managed.com Hit By Ransomware And Taken Offline

Rogue SSL Certificates

It has been reported that Managed.com, one of the biggest providers of managed web hosting solutions, has taken down all its servers in order to deal with a ransomware attack. The ransomware impacted the company’s public-facing web hosting systems resulting in some of the customer sites having their data encrypted.The company is now working with law enforcement […]