Expert Advice In Reference Of Chaes Malware Strikes MercadoLivre

It has been reported that previously unknown malware has been detected in widespread attacks against MercadoLivre, Latin America’s largest e-commerce platform. The malware, dubbed Chaes, is being deployed by a threat actor across the LATAM region to steal financial information.  Experts Comments November 19, 2020 Boris Cipot + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Senior Sales Engineer Synopsys Long gone are […]

Experts On Report: HMRC Reports 75% Surge In Email Attacks During Covid-19 Outbreak

HM Revenue & Customs has reported a staggering 367,520 reports of phishing email attacks during 2020, with data indicating a sharp rise in incidents after the UK went into its first lockdown in March. This is according to official data obtained by accountancy firm Lanop Outsourcing, under the Freedom of Information (FOI) act, which specifically revealed that […]

Firefox Update Offers Always-on HTTPS – Response From Industry Expert.

Firefox feature

As part of our dot your expert comments, industry experts reacted on Mozilla’s latest Firefox release, which offers users always-on HTTPS encryption. You can read the blog from Mozilla here. Experts Comments November 19, 2020 Kevin Bocek + Follow Me – UnFollow Me VP Security Strategy & Threat Intelligence Venafi This is a welcome move […]

What Expert Says On New Canadian Privacy Law

Canada has introduced the Digital Charter Implementation Act — officially called an “Act to enact the Consumer Privacy Protection Act and the Personal Information and Data Protection Tribunal Act and to make consequential and related amendments to other Acts.” It represents one of the biggest shakeups in Canada’s privacy law in decades. f the bill passes, companies could face fines of up to five […]

Hackers Probing 1.5 Million WordPress Sites With Epsilon Framework Themes

Injection attacks

Researchers have found threat actors probing WordPress websites with Epsilon Framework themes installed on over 150,000 sites which are vulnerable to Function Injection attacks that could lead to full site takeovers. Just yesterday, they saw a surge of more than 7.5 million attacks against more than 1.5 million sites targeting these vulnerabilities, coming from over 18,000 […]

Expert Insight On Cryptocurrency Exchange Liquid Confirms HacK


Cryptocurrency exchange Liquid has confirmed that on November 13 a hacker gained access to the company’s domain records, allowing the them to take control of several employee email accounts, and later compromised the company’s network. Experts Comments November 19, 2020 Jose Caldera + Follow Me – UnFollow Me CPO Acuant Another large exchange was hacked, […]

Worst Passwords Of 2020 – Experts Perspectives

123456 Most Popular Password

Password manager solutions NordPass has just issued findings on the 200 most commonly used passwords of 2020, including findings that some of the most commonly used passwords remain  “123456,” “123456789,” “111111” and “password” – as are “pokemon” and “princess.” Cybersecurity experts offer thoughts. Experts Comments November 19, 2020 Chloé Messdaghi + Follow Me – UnFollow Me […]

Expert Comment On UK Government’s Cyber Investment

The UK government has announced an extra £16.5bn in defence spending which is biggest investment since cold war. A lot of this money is set to be invested in cyber-forces, with the creation of a National Cyber Force, which is a partnership between the military and the spy agency GCHQ. Experts Comments November 23, 2020 […]

Experts Reacted On The Research That 73% Of Security And IT Executives Are Concerned About New Vulnerabilities And Risks Introduced By The Distributed Workforce

73% of security and IT executives are concerned about new vulnerabilities and risks introduced by the distributed workforce, Skybox Security reveals.  The report also uncovered an alarming disconnect between confidence in security posture and increased cyberattacks during the global pandemic. Enterprises can’t keep up with the pace: 32% had difficulties validating if network and security configurations undermined security […]