Experts Insight On User Data Of Event Management App Peatix Hacked

Peatix sent an email to its users that their information has been improperly assessed or obtained. Peatix is an event organizing platform, currently ranked among the Alexa Top 3,500 most popular sites on the internet. Experts Comments November 25, 2020 Chris Hauk + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Consumer Privacy Champion Pixel Privacy While it’s […]

Experts Advise To Security Leaders For Computer Security Day – 30 November

Ahead of this year’s Computer Security Day, which takes place on 30th November,  we reached out to a number of experts and leaders to provide comments and advice to security leaders for this day. The day is designed to raise awareness of the importance of good cybersecurity practices within organisations and to promote best practices. This year, there […]

Experts Commenting On Hacker Posts Exploits For Over 49,000 Vulnerable Fortinet VPNs

It was reported today that a hacker has posted a list of one-line exploits to steal VPN credentials from almost 50,000 Fortinet VPN devices. Present on the list of vulnerable targets are domains belonging to high street banks and government organizations from around the world. Experts Comments November 24, 2020 David Kennefick + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Solutions […]

CEO Reaction On Hackers Trick GoDaddy Employees Into Helping Cyberattacks

Hack of Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center

Following the news that hackers tricked GoDaddy employees into handing ownership or control of multiple cryptocurrency services’ web domains, the CEO offers the following comment: Experts Comments November 24, 2020 Jeremy Hendy + Follow Me – UnFollow Me CEO Skurio Social engineering continues to be a significant risk – with GoDaddy staff apparently falling for similar […]

Hoard Of Spotify User Data Exposed By Hackers’ Careless Security Practices – Experts Reaction

Researchers have discovered a possible credential stuffing operation whose origins are unknown, but that affected online users who have Spotify accounts. The researchers uncovered an Elasticsearch database containing over 380 million records, including login credentials and other user data being validated against the Spotify service. Experts Comments November 24, 2020 Hicham Bouali + Follow Me […]