COMMENT: AspenPointe Warns 295K Patients Of Data Breach exposing Their Personal Identifiable Information And Health Data

It was reported that the nonprofit U.S. healthcare provider AspenPointe has notified patients of a data breach. In a media statement, AspenPointe said they discovered unauthorised access to their network in September 2020. The patients affected are over 295K.  Experts Comments December 02, 2020 Robert Meyers + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Channel Solutions Architect and Fellow […]

Lessons Learned From PKI – Expert Insight

Public key infrastructure (PKI) is a core building block of IT in an enterprise, providing secure digital identities for people, devices, and applications. Many organizations build and deploy their own PKI to support things like data protection and network authentication. Furthermore, PKI today is expected to support new use cases like the Internet of Things (IoT), […]

Expert Reaction On Half Of All Docker Hub Images Have At Least One Critical Vulnerability

badlock vulnerability

It has been reported that a new security analysis of 4 million container images hosted on the Docker Hub repository revealed that over half contained at least one critical vulnerability and thousands contained malware or potentially harmful applications. Experts Comments December 02, 2020 Tim Mackey + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Principal Security Strategist, Synopsys CyRC (Cybersecurity Research […]

Cayman Islands Investment Fund Left Entire Filestore Viewable In Unsecured Azure Blob

isb expert panel question

A Cayman Islands-based investment fund has exposed its entire backups to the internet after failing to properly configure a secure Microsoft Azure blob. Experts Comments December 02, 2020 Ilia Kolochenko + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Founder and CEO ImmuniWeb For this specific case, most jurisdictions will likely consider this incident to be gross negligence, exposing the […]

Expert Insight: Docker Malware Is Now Common – Devs Need To React Accordingly

Towards the end of 2017, there was a major shift in the malware scene. As cloud-based technologies became more popular, cybercrime gangs began targeting Docker and Kubernetes systems. Most of these attacks followed a very simple pattern where threat actors scanned for misconfigured systems that had admin interfaces exposed online in order to take over […]

Flexible Resourcing Lto Plug The IT Skills Gap

The relationship between this year’s COVID-19 pandemic, and technology, is no secret. The events of this year have wed a sudden rise in remote working with opportunist cybercriminals preying on vulnerabilities within networks. Meanwhile, that same working from home trend has also driven an acceleration towards cloud adoption. And of course, new forms of working […]

Experts On Homebase CEO Scam

Homebase CEO has been the victim of a sophisticated social media scam. The spoof targets Christmas shoppers and could have damaging effects on the Homebase brand. Experts Comments December 02, 2020 Phillip Hay + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Head of Threat Intelligence Analysis Mimecast This is an example of an impersonation attack, where a cybercriminal has […]