Philly Food Bank Hit With $1m Cyber Attack

Philadelphia hunger-relief group Philabundance discloses that was the victim of a July 2020 cyber-attack when the nonprofit wired nearly $1 million to pay a fraudulent construction bill relating to the completion of its new Philabundance Community Kitchen. Excerpt of the Philabundance statement:  “This fraud was a one-time event and did not involve the day-to-day finances of […]

Christmas Shopping’ Sites Flooded With Millions Of Bad Bots

Cybercriminals are using millions’ of ‘bad bot personas’ from thousands’ of distinct IP addresses to run distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, make fraudulent purchases, and scan for vulnerabilities that can be exploited on hundreds’ of e-Commerce sites during the Christmas season. This information has been revealed by Barracuda Networks, the email and cloud security company, […]

iPhone Zero-click Wi-Fi Exploit Is One Of The Most Breathtaking Hacks Ever

Jailbroken Phones

It has been reported that Google Project Zero security researcher Ian Beer has revealed that, until May, a variety of Apple iPhones and other iOS devices were vulnerable to an incredible exploit that could let attackers remotely reboot and take complete control of their devices from a distance — including reading emails and other messages, downloading photos, and even […]