Brazilian Aerospace And Defence Group Embraer’s Systems Affected By Cyberattack

According to a statement released by Brazilian aerospace and defense group Embraer, threat actors were able to disclose “data allegedly attributed to the company”. The incident was reported five days after it took place to the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission. The Brazilian legislation requires immediate reporting of problems such as cyber-attacks.  Experts Comments December […]

Experts On Xerox DocuShare Bugs Allow Data Leaks


CISA warns the leading enterprise document management platform is open to attack and urges companies to apply fixes. Xerox issued a fix for two vulnerabilities impacting its market-leading DocuShare enterprise document management platform. The bugs, if exploited, could expose DocuShare users to an attack resulting in the loss of sensitive data. On Wednesday, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure […]

Experts On Clop Ransomware Attacking Retail Giant E-Land

IT Departments Can Make BYOD Safer

Clop ransomware claimed to have stolen 2 million credit cards from E-Land Retail over a one-year period. E-Land Retail, a subsidiary of E-Land Global, operates numerous retail clothing stores, including New Core and NC Department Store.Last months, E-Land retail shut down number of stores after suffering a CLOP ransomware attack. E-Land Retail assure that this ransomware […]

Security Expert Re: Absa Financial Services Employee Sells Customer Data To Third Parties

financial data

The South African-based Absa financial services group has reported that a rogue employee sold customer data to third parties.  The employee, a credit analyst,  had access to the group’s risk modelling processes as part of his job.  Absa offers services in 12 countries across the continent with roughly 42,000 employees.   Experts Comments December 04, 2020 Patryk Brożek […]

Data Protection Is Integral In Wake Of COVID-19 Vaccine ‘Cold Supply’ Chain Network Hack

Network Security and User Identity

As the country prepares for the long-awaited and much anticipated COVID-19 vaccine, the news of an attempted hacking campaign targeting crucial organisations within the vaccine ‘cold supply’ chain network is worrying to say the least.  Although it is not clear whether the sophisticated phishing campaign was successful, these reports serve as an important reminder of […]

Payment Skimmer Hides In Social Media Buttons

Researchers have discovered a web skimming malware that hides in plain sight to inject payment card skimmer scripts into compromised online stores. It uses malicious payloads concealed as social media buttons that mimic platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Experts Comments December 04, 2020 Ameet Naik + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Security Evangelist PerimeterX […]