The Brain Of Security

Great decision making requires the ability to review different options while simultaneously considering the risks associated.    As humans, think about the risk calculations we make every day: when driving a car, walking across the road, or even deciding on whether to get out of bed in the morning. There is a risk of missing an […]

Switzerland Charges Credit Suisse In Money Laundering Case – Comments From Specialist Financial Crime Lawyer

Following news that Switzerland’s federal prosecutor has filed charges against Credit Suisse for allegedly facilitating money laundering “on a grand scale” by former Bulgarian clients, specialist financial crime lawyer commented below.   Swiss investigators said the bank had processed more than SFr140m of transactions for the group, earned from smuggling tonnes of cocaine into Europe and […]

Massive Fraud Operation Facilitated By Evil Mobile Emulator Steals Millions From Banks

Threat actors behind an ongoing worldwide mobile banking fraud campaign were able to steal millions from multiple US and EU banks, needing just a few days for each attack. To do that, the attackers used huge emulator farms that helped them access thousands of hacked accounts (compromised after phishing or malware attacks) using spoofed mobile […]