What The “Fortune 490” Needs To Do To Stay Safe In 2021

Mandiant and Verizon Threats

2020 was an eventful year on the security front, and 2021 promises to be no different. As in recent years, one the key scourges for enterprises to fight are increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, including ransomware attacks. Ransomware attacks are only going to accelerate in the coming year, for several reasons. For starters, there’s a well-organised criminal […]

Expert Insight On Classiscam Expands To Europe

In a report released this week, security firm Group-IB has described a Russian-speaking scam operation that started targeting users of European marketplaces and classifieds. The scheme, dubbed Classiscam, is an automated scam as a service designed to steal money and payment data. Experts have so far identified at least 40 active Classiscam gangs that use scam pages mimicking popular classified, marketplace, and delivery companies with every one of them […]

Experts Insight On Mimecast Breach

Cloud-based email management company Mimecast recently disclosed that a threat actor obtained one of its digital certificates and used it to gain access to some of its clients’ Microsoft 365 accounts. Experts Comments January 15, 2021 Chris Hickman + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Chief Security Officer Keyfactor These attacks are not about FireEye, SolarWinds […]

Expert Reaction On Microsoft Remained Most-spoofed Brand At End Of 2020

Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Microsoft ended 2020 as the brand most frequently targeted by cyber criminals, with 43% of all brand phishing attempts related to the tech giant in Q4, according to IT Pro. This was a 24% increase from the third quarter of the year, which saw 19% of all attempts linked to the tech giant. The attempts are […]

Ring Is Testing End-To-End Encrypted Videos For Their Smart Doorbells

It has been reported that Ring has launched a technical preview of video end-to-end encryption to bolster the security of home video feeds. This week, the Amazon-owned smart doorbell maker said the feature is currently being rolled out to customers in order to elicit feedback, and if it proves to be successful, end-to-end video encryption could eventually be offered […]

Experts Insight On APT35 Recent Phishing Attacks

It has been reported that the Iranian group APT35 (also known as Charming Kitten or Phosphorus) executed sophisticated spear-phishing campaigns that involved not only email attacks but also SMS messages over the festive season. Experts Comments January 15, 2021 Jamie Collier + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Intelligence Analyst Mandiant Threat Intelligence Mandiant Threat Intelligence […]