Federal Agency Warns Cloud Attacks Are On The Rise – How Can Businesses Stay Safe?

As a result of the wholesale changes that COVID-19 has brought to the working world, hackers are successfully ramping up their attacks on cloud services. That’s according to a recent warning from the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). Last week, CISA put out an official statement reporting that hackers have been using a number of methods, including […]

Experts Reaction On New Chrome Update To Boost Password Security

As reported by Android Central, Google is launching a few new features with Chrome 88 to boost the password security.It will be availble soon for users on iOS or desktop. It has a “check password” feature to search for any compromised or weak password. Google is also simplifying the password manager so that users can quickly […]

Experts Insight On Latest Flaw Within DNSpooq

DNS Security is too Easily Taken for Granted

It has been reported that Israel-based security consultancy firm JSOF disclosed today seven Dnsmasq vulnerabilities, collectively known as DNSpooq, that can be exploited to launch DNS cache poisoning, remote code execution, and denial-of-service attacks against millions of affected devices. What is Dnsmasq, it is an open-sourced DNS forwarding software with DNS caching and DHCP server capabilities. It is […]

Expert Comment On New Malware Strain Found In SolarWinds Hack

Please see below for comment from cybersecurity experts on the new strain of malware, Raindrop found in relation to SolarWinds: Experts Comments January 22, 2021 Dr. Anton Grashion + Follow Me – UnFollow Me EMEA Director Corelight The significance is there is incredible diversity in tools and tactics the attackers will use to create a […]

FreakOut Botnet Targets Linux- Experts Offer Perspective

Researchers with Check Point have reported a FreakOut botnet that has targeted vulnerabilities in Linux systems. The IRC botnet can be used for DDoS attacks as well as crypto-mining. The attacks aimed at devices that run one of the following: TerraMaster TOS(TerraMaster Operating System) – the operating system used for managing TerraMaster NAS (Network Attached Storage) servers […]

How Has The Remote Workplace Influenced IT Teams?

Over the past year, the world has been through a remote working revolution. Even those businesses which didn’t previously embrace a flexible working approach were forced to send employees home as their offices shut. Since then, the IT landscape has changed drastically as changes were made to ensure operations could continue running smoothly and securely.  […]

336% Increase In Phishing Domains Found Since First UK/global Pfizer Vaccine Dose

Following the news that Hackers ‘manipulated’ stolen COVID-19 vaccine data before leaking it online, Webroot, a market leader in cyber resilience, has released new statistics demonstrating how far cybercriminals are prepared to leverage the pandemic to their advantage. In the month following the first UK/global Pfizer vaccine dose was given to 90-year-old Margaret Keenan, Webroot’s Real-Time Anti-Phishing protection system found a […]