Data Reveals Where In The World People Are Most Curious About The Dark Web

People living in America are most curious about the dark web, with 382,800 searches entered online looking for more information[1] India (251,400) and the UK (78,400) come in second and third as the most eager areas in the world to access it[1] In Europe, people in the UK (78,400) and France (60,670) are seeking information […]

Expert Insight On Babuk Ransomware Attack

Following the news that Serco has confirmed that parts of its infrastructure in mainland Europe have been hit by a double extortion ransomware attack from the emergent Babuk group, please find an insight below from a security expert on Babuk ransomware.

Experts Reaction On Agent Tesla New Variants To Bypass Endpoint Protection

Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Sophos researchers ahve discovered two new variants of the Agent Tesla malware targeting Microsoft Anti-Malware Software Interface (AMSI). Agent Tesla operators will now attempt to tamper with AMSI to degrade its defences and remove endpoint protection at the point of execution. If successful, this allows the malware to deploy its full payload.

Experts Reaction On Hackers Steal Foxtons Customer Data

Dark Web

It has been reported today that thousands of customers’ financial details held by one of Britain’s biggest estate agents are being freely accessed on the dark web. Foxtons Group was victim to a malware attack in October last year when hackers targeted the company, with it closing down its web portal for home sellers, renters, and landlords. The company said […]

Expert Advise Banks On How To Stop Rise In Fraudulent Impersonators


New research from Barclays shows that impersonation scams are on the rise, in which fraudsters pretend to be the bank via email or message. Banks must do more to help their customers to avoid scams with confidence. The most discerning of customers have taken to hunting down spelling mistakes and grammar errors to check if an email […]