Expert Comments On State Of Malware Report: Shifted Tactics And Targets As A Result Of The COVID-19

Cybersecurity firm Malwarebytes has released its annual “State of Malware” report, revealing that cyberattackers have shifted tactics and targets as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the featured findings are: Significant increase in stalkerware across 2020; 565% increase in tracking applications between January and December last year; 1,055% increase in spyware detection in […]

How Businesses Can Look To Prepare For The Long-term Cyber Security Impacts Of COVID-19

From securing remote devices, to the need for multi-factor authentication, the pandemic has brought the value of cybersecurity to life. Countless cyber threats have emerged and grown as criminals have sought to take advantage of the chaos that ensued. Many won’t dissipate once the world returns to normal, and CISOs should expect a number of […]

The Solarwinds Hack Is A One Of A Kind And Not The Norm

Following the news around the comments from Microsoft President Brad Smith on the 60 Minutes program about how the recent SolarWinds hack was “the largest and most sophisticated attack, the world has ever seen” as reported by the Independent.  Experts Comments February 17, 2021 Rohit Sethi + Follow Me – UnFollow Me CEO Security Compass […]

Expert Advise To Organization On North Korea Hacking Pfizer

Information Governance

North Korea has been accused of attempting to steal information on coronavirus vaccines and treatments. In light of this, please see the comment below from cybersecurity experts on why it is vital for organizations to look at their business through the eyes of nation-state bad actors to prevent future attacks. Experts Comments February 17, 2021 […]

Malvertisers Redirecting To Scam Sites Via Browser Zero-day

Researchers with Confiant Security are reporting that “ScamClub” malvertisers are exploiting a browser zero day to redirect traffic to scam sites. Their report says: “Active for at least several years now, ScamClub malvertisements are defined mainly by forced redirections to scams that offer prizes to “lucky” users, like the all too ubiquitous “You’ve won a Walmart […]

Expert Reaction On SHAREit Recent Vulnerabilities

Threatarmor to Strengthen Enterprise

A vulnerability is found on the popular Android app SHAREit, a mobile that allows users to share files with friends or between personal devices. The vulnerability allows an adversary to run malicious code on the smartphone containing the app. This vulnerability is reported by TrendMicro on Monday and below is the reaction from cybersecurity experts. […]