Expert On Hundreds Of Thousands Immigration And COVID Records Exposed In Jamaica

It has been reported that Jamaica just experienced a massive data breach that exposed the immigration and COVID-19 records of hundreds of thousands of people who visited the island over the past year. According to TechCrunch, the Jamaican government contractor Amber Group left a storage server on Amazon Web Services (AWS) unprotected and without a password. This […]

Singtel Breach Compromises Data Of 129,000 Customers And Former Employees

Following the news that Singtel has confirmed that the personal details of 129,000 customers, as well as the financial information of its former employees, have been compromised in a security breach that involved a third-party file-sharing system, please see below comments from cybersecurity experts. Experts Comments February 18, 2021 Nicolai Baldin + Follow Me – UnFollow […]

UK Crypto Exchange EXMO Knocked Offline Amid DDoS Attack

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his week the cryptocurrency exchange EXMO was knocked offline by a “massive” DDoS attack, the UK-based company has confirmed.  Normal operations were back up as the trading service was brought back to life within two hours, but the platform has yet to reveal the true nature of the cyberattack. EXMO, which is popular in Russia, Ukraine […]

Experts Reaction On Kia Motors Suffers Ransomware Attack

Kia Motors has suffered a ransomware attack by the DoppelPaymer gang. The gang demanding $20 million for a decryptor and not to leak stolen data and given 2-3 weeks if the company does not negotiate with the threat actors. Cybersecurity experts commented below on the danger of ransomware.  Experts Comments February 18, 2021 Trevor Morgan + […]