Experts Reacted On Retail Giant Kroger Data Breach

It has been reported that Kroger Co. has announced it was among the victims of a data breach involving Accellion’s file-transfer service. The company believed that only 1% of its customers were affected and are being notified of the breach. Kroger said it was among victims of the December hack of a file-transfer product called FTA developed by Accellion, […]

Security A Glaring Issue For Chatroom App Clubhouse After Conversations Were Breached

Security Training for 10,000 UK Internet Users

It has been reported that chatroom app Clubhouse has a critical security flaw which allows an unidentified user to stream Clubhouse audio feeds from “multiple rooms” into their own third-party website. The company responded by permanently banning the unidentified user and have installed new security controls to prevent the flaw. Experts Comments February 26, 2021 […]

Parents Alerted To Nurserycam Security Breach – Experts Comments

News broke over the weekend that a webcam system that lets parents drop in and watch their children while at nursery school has written to families to tell them of a data breach. NurseryCam said it did not believe the incident had involved any youngsters or staff being watched without their permission, but had shut down its […]

Experts Insight On ‘Silent Stealing’ New Cyber Crime Phenomenon

escape from CoinVault ransomware

Cyber criminals have ditched big money scams in favour of ‘silent stealing’ during pandemic, according to a report from the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) think tank. The paper said a phenomenon dubbed “silent stealing” – where threat actors con people out of as little as £10 – has begun on a mass scale as […]