Federal Reserve Nationwide Outage Impacts US Banking System

The US Federal Reserve suffered a massive IT systems outage today that prevented wire transfers, ACH transactions, and other services from operating. When performing a US wire transfer or ACH withdrawal/deposit, the transaction first goes through the Federal Reserve Bank systems who facilitate the transaction. Yesterday, the Federal Reserve banking systems suffered an outage caused […]

Expert Reaction On New CNI UK Cyber Report

According to a new report by Bridewell Consulting, 86% of CNI organizations in the UK have experienced cyber-attacks on their operational technology and industrial control systems in the last 12 months. When looked at alongside other issues such as smaller budgets and legacy infrastructure, this news becomes more alarming for CNI cybersecurity.

Comment: Aircraft Manufacturers Bombardier Hit By Ransom Attack

The data belonging to the Canadian airplane manufacturer Bombardier published on a dark web portal operated by the Clop ransomware gang. The company responded by saying, “An initial investigation revealed that an unauthorized party accessed and extracted data by exploiting a vulnerability affecting a third-party file-transfer application, which was running on purpose-built servers isolated from […]

The Rise Of Initial Access Brokers- Expert Offers Perspective

New research from Digital Shadows: The Rise of Initial Access Brokers highlights the growing class of Initial Access Brokers and analyzes the role played by this emerging figure in the broader criminal infrastructure of ransomware. A cybersecurity expert offers perspective.

Alexa-installed Skills Leave Users Vulnerable To Attack

Third Platform will Push CIOs to Go Smart

Threat actors can publish Skills – the name given to third-party Alexa applications – under any arbitrary developer/company name and also make backend code changes after approval to coax users into revealing unwanted information, according to new research presented at the Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS) conference. Christopher Lentzsch and Martin Degeling, from […]

Tightening Security In The Evolving Hybrid Workplace Environment

The work-from-home (WFH), remote work environment is here to stay. However, it is now evolving to one in which employees will be routinely toggling between onsite and multiple remote work locations. This hybrid workplace environment presents even more challenges for IT and security teams charged with maintaining data and network security for an increasingly distributed, […]