The Cybersecurity Disconnect: Remote Working Highlights The Need For Improved Communication, Policy And Strategy

As a vast portion of UK employees continue to be restricted to at-home working, the buck of keeping digital devices secure seemingly once again stops with the remote workforce. However, with survey findings showing that almost a third of UK workers believe security protocols are less important when working from home, it is clear that the chain of instruction from security vendor, to security leader, to end user, isn’t making it through.   Organisations […]

Expert Reaction On GCHQ To Use AI In Cyberwarfare

UK spy agency GCHQ has announced that AI technology will be at the heart of its cybersecurity operations moving forward. The technology will help them to combat the growing threat of cyber-attacks and increasingly sophisticated state and non-state actors. Experts Comments March 01, 2021 Adam Enterkin + Follow Me – UnFollow Me SVP, EMEA BlackBerry Even the best […]

Comment: Hackers Break Into ‘Biochemical Systems’ At Oxford Uni Lab Studying Covid-19

Oxford University confirmed on Thursday it had detected and isolated an incident at the Division of Structural Biology (known as “Strubi”) after Forbes disclosed that hackers were showing off access to a number of systems. These included machines used to prepare biochemical samples, though the university said it couldn’t comment further on the scale of the breach. […]

Expert Reaction On Private Data Leaked From Far-right Platform Gab

private cloud failure

WikiLeaks-style group Distributed Denial of Secrets has revealed what it calls “GabLeaks”: a collection of more than 70 gigabytes of data from social media platform Gab, representing more than 40 million posts. Less well-known than Parler, which recently made the headlines as it was taken offline, Gab is a so-called “free speech” platform, known for […]

For FIPS Sake – Smashing The iStorage DiskAshur PRO

Vulnerabilities by Reverse Engineering Code

Over the last two/three years, when chatting with clients, or delivering training, there has been occasions when the following question has come up: ‘How do I know FIPS/140-2 encrypted drives are as secure as claimed by the commercial sales bumph of the provider?’ AKA- how confident can the user be in the modern era of […]