IoT Security In The Spotlight, As Research Highlights Alexa Security Flaws

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Last week, IoT security was in the spotlight again as researchers warned that Amazon’s Alexa is vulnerable to malicious third-party apps, or “skills”, that could leave owners at risk of a wide range of cyberattacks. Researchers analyzed 90,194 unique skills from Amazon’s skill stores across seven countries and found widespread security issues that could lead to […]

Oxfam Australia Confirms ‘Supporter’ Data Accessed In Cyber Attack

Oxfam Australia has confirmed that supporter information was unlawfully accessed in a suspected cyber-attack earlier this year. The charity has been investigating the “data incident” since February after a database belonging to it was leaked online. The database was alleged to have contained contact and donor information for about 1.7 million Oxfam Australia supporters, though […]

Three Reasons The Security Industry Is Protecting The Wrong Thing

Why is it that the security industry talks about network security, but data breaches? It’s clear that something needs to change, and according to Paul German, CEO, Certes Networks, the change is simple. For too long now, organisations have been focusing on protecting their network, when in fact they should have been protecting their data. […]

Experts On Google Voice Outage

Cloud Myths Debunked

The recent Google Voice outage determined to be caused by an expired TLS certificate. According to the Google Cloud Issue Summary, “Due to an issue with updating certificate configurations, the active certificate in Google Voice frontend systems inadvertently expired at 2021-02-15 23:51:00, triggering the issue.”