Security Flaw In Popular iPhone App Exposes Call Recordings Of Thousands

iPhone 6 Secure Smart Phone

A popular iPhone call recording app exposed the recordings of thousands of users data, a security researcher at PingSafe has found. The Call Recorder app contains a security vulnerability that enabled third-parties to access a user’s entire library of recordings, just by knowing their phone number. Apple doesn’t offer call recording as a stock feature on the […]

Advancements In Invoicing – A Highly Sophisticated Way To Distribute ZLoader

Forcepoint X-Labs have recently been dealing with invoice-flavored campaigns utilizing a more advanced infection chain than normally appreciated. It relies on special data exchange between different Microsoft Office document formats and the techniques used to showcase a very high level of knowledge within that domain.

Clast82 Malware Dropper In 9 Utility Apps On Google Play Store

Checkpoint has issued an alert on its blog:  Dangerous Malware Dropper Found in 9 Utility Apps on Google’s Play Store. The new dropper – Clast82 – is being spread via 9 malicious Android apps on the official Google Play store, allowing attackers to obtain access to victims’ financial accounts and take full control of their […]

Top Seven Cybersecurity Ripple Effects From 2020

The year 2020 definitely shook up the IT world. The urgent need to rely on distributed workforces forced organizations to accelerate their digital transformations and broadened the IT threat landscape. Looking closely at the ripple effects from 2020 it’s clear security pros won’t be able to yawn their way through 2021. Here are seven key […]

Experts Reaction On Verkada Hack Affecting 150,000 Of Its Security Cameras

In relation to the news that security firm Verkada, is investigating a massive hack said to have affected 150,000 of its security cameras, where the security company provides cameras to companies including carmaker Tesla and stolen footage included the insides of hospitals, schools, and businesses; cybersecurity experts reacted below.