Fake Netflix App Allows Hackers to Hijack WhatsApp

A newly-discovered Android malware app called FlixOnline promised users access to Netflix content from all around the world on their smartphones before exploiting access to their WhatsApp, according to Check Point Research. Troubling, the app was not solely on third-party app stores – it was, instead, found on the Google Play Store, using Netflix imagery to […]

Hackers Pretend To Be Your Friend In The Latest WhatsApp Scam.

A new alert has been issued by WhatsApp, warning users of a scam that makes it hard to spot a malicious message given that it appears to come from a friend in your contact list. This WhatsApp security scam works by attackers sending users a text on their smartphone, followed by a message on WhatsApp […]

New Study Highlights 100% Rise In Nation State Cyberattacks In Last Three Years

HP urges businesses to protect the endpoint – new report highlights that the enterprise has become the most common target, as nation states take aim at organizations with high value IP, such as technology and pharmaceutical firms HP Inc. today announced the findings of a new study –Nation States, Cyberconflict and the Web of Profit […]

Millions Of Brits Still Using Pet’s Names As Passwords Despite Risk

The latest data from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) shows millions of British people using their pet’s names as passwords, along with other easily guessed answers, despite it being an easy target for hackers. Experts Comments April 09, 2021 Adenike Cosgrove + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Cyber Security Strategist, International Proofpoint This issue will […]

Advertised Sites May Appear Genuine On First Glance

9 Ways You Can Get Hacked

Britain is rolling out its new Online Safety bill, an update from the Online Harms White Paper released in December 2020, discouraging companies like Facebook from using end-to-end encryption. Priti Patel, UK’s Home Secretary, has been notably against end-to-end encryption for years and is planning to deliver a keynote speech at an April 19th child […]

Facebook Ran Ads For Malware-ridden ‘Clubhouse for PC’

facebook at work

As reported by TechCrunch, cybercriminals have taken out a number of Facebook ads masquerading as a Clubhouse app for PC users in order to target unsuspecting victims with malware. TechCrunch was alerted Wednesday to Facebook ads tied to several Facebook pages impersonating Clubhouse, the drop-in audio chat app only available on iPhones. Clicking on the […]

Linkedin Data Of 500 Million Users Being Sold Online

It has been reported that data from over 500 million LinkedIn users are being sold online to hackers, marking the second major cybersecurity incident to be revealed in the past week, following news of a similar occurrence involving Facebook. The trove of scraped LinkedIn data includes user IDs, full names, email addresses, phone numbers, professional […]

Experts Comments On Identity Management Day – Tuesday 13th April

Tuesday, April 13th is the inaugural Identity Management Day. This is an annual awareness day that aims to educate business leaders and IT decision-makers on the importance of identity management and key components including governance, identity-centric security best practices, processes, and technology, with a special focus on the dangers of not properly securing identities and […]