Fake App Attacks On The Rise, As Malware Hides In Plain Sight

While there are a staggering 4 million apps across Google Play and Apple’s AppStore, all it takes is one convincing fake for your phone to fall into the hands of bad actors.   In the last year, there has been a steady rise in the number of cyberattacks involving malware hiding in seemingly innocent smartphone apps. Most […]

Expert On Study That Brits Using Pets’ Names As Online Passwords

LastPass hack

A study from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has found millions of Brits are using their pet’s name as their online password despite it being an easy target for hackers. Experts Comments April 12, 2021 David Emm + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Principal Security Researcher Kaspersky Our passwords are the gateway to a […]

Expert Reaction On Europol Publishes Its Serious And Organised Crime Threat Assessment 2021

Today, Europol publishes the European Union (EU) Serious and Organised Crime Threat Assessment, the EU SOCTA 2021. The SOCTA, published by Europol every four years, presents a detailed analysis of the threat of serious and organised crime facing the EU. The SOCTA is a forward-looking assessment that identifies shifts in the serious and organised crime landscape. […]