Are You Prepared For The Non-Secure “New Reality”?

Hacking costs UK businesses £34 billion

A new survey from AT&T found 55% of employees report being targeted by cyber attacks while working remotely. At the same time, 35% of those surveyed connect their work devices to smart home devices, increasing the risks of an attack. Popular connected home devices include voice assistants (14%), smart speakers (14%), fitness monitors (13%), smart lighting (12%), and smart […]

Iran Nuclear Facility Potential Cyber Attack – What Expert Says

It’s been reported that Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility was attacked, causing a power failure at the site yesterday. According to Israeli media, the attack is rumored to have been due to an Israeli cyber attack. Experts Comments April 13, 2021 Steve Forbes + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Government Cyber Security Expert Nominet States The […]

Industry Leaders On Android.Joker Malware

Android Devices Run Outdated Operating Systems

Following the recent news about the half-million Huawei users downloading applications infected with Joker malware, industry leaders commented below. Experts Comments April 13, 2021 Saryu Nayyar + Follow Me – UnFollow Me CEO Gurucul Sadly the Joker Malware is no joke. And even more depressing, no dark knight is going to ride in to save […]

New Vulnerabilities Put Millions Of IoT Devices At Risk

As reported by ZDNet, security vulnerabilities in millions of Internet of Things devices (IoT) could allow cybercriminals to knock devices offline or take control of them remotely, in attacks that could be exploited to gain wider access to affected networks. The nine vulnerabilities affecting four TCP/IP stacks – communications protocols commonly used in IoT devices […]

Expert Comment On Darktrace Set For IPO

Darktrace Slider

Cyber-security firm Darktrace has said it intends to list its shares on the London Stock Exchange, with reports showing the company is seeking to raise £3bn to fund product development.  In response to this news, please see a comment from cybersecurity expert. Experts Comments April 13, 2021 Sri Sundaralingam + Follow Me – UnFollow Me VP […]