Debunking Three Cyber Insurance Myths For SMEs

Data Security is Vital

“What, me worry?” While this disposition worked for Mad magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman for decades, it’s not advisable for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in considering cyber insurance. Large companies, of course, are increasingly investing in cyber policy coverage to protect themselves from the financial fallout of stolen data, disrupted operations, extortion and other cyber […]

Experts On Russia Being Held Accountable For SolarWinds

Following the White House announcement which has held Russia accountable for the SolarWinds breach, security experts commented below on the topic: Experts Comments April 16, 2021 Kevin Mandia + Follow Me – UnFollow Me CEO FireEye This is a positive, welcome step towards adding more friction to Russian operations. Simply naming the SVR, as well […]

How To Protect Your Enterprise When You Can’t See Your Employees


The lines between our professional and personal lives are blurring and that includes our online behaviours. Businesses can protect their networks by mitigating those behaviours, but meanwhile, cybercriminals are launching cyberattacks at the most vulnerable target – the remote worker. While companies have introduced measures to support the physical and mental well-being of their employees, […]

Expert Insights: Dir Nat’l Intelligence Releases Annual Threat Assessment Thursday

The Director of National Intelligence just recently released the Annual Threat Assessment report, which cites concerns of increasing cyber threats from China, Russia, North Korea and Iran. Experts have seen an increase in attacks targeting cyber, technological, and military branches of the U.S. The annual report also emphasizes that the COVID-19 pandemic would continue to be the gravest threat to both […]

Expert Advice Developers to Improve Software Security After NAME:WRECK Disclosure

The NAME:WRECK vulnerability disclosure showed the complexities developers are navigating through today. It remains to be seen if malicious actors have taken advantage of the vulnerabilities, but the scale of the software issue was evident as it affects millions of IoT devices.  The disclosure put some blame on the developers who unknowingly were using insecure […]

Expert Reaction on Research that Coronavirus Triggering Surge in Cyber Fraud

The rise in cyber fraud cannot be disputed, with spam messages multiplying 220 times between February and March 2020 and malicious URLs increasing by 260%. Experts Comments April 16, 2021 Stephen Bradford + Follow Me – UnFollow Me SVP EMEA SailPoint When speed trumps security, we’re increasingly exposed to cyber fraud. With online shopping numbers surging over […]

Expert Comment On DPC Facebook Investigation


Please see below for comment by cybersecurity expert on the Irish Data Protection Commission launching an investigation into the Facebook data breach that caused the leak of 533 million phone numbers: Experts Comments April 16, 2021 Chris Strand + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Chief Compliance Officer IntSights The DPC’s decision to open an investigation […]