The Digital Road To Perdition

Travelling back to the early days of the Computer Virus entering the world of low cost, COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) available computing, we may reflect on a few home truths as we proceed down the Road to Digital Perdition. Circa 1983 when Fred Cohen, a graduate student out of the University of Southern California […]

Expert Advice On New Scam Claims To Turn Whatsapp Pink

WhatsApp users have been reporting that they are receiving links that claim to turn the application’s theme from its trademark green to pink. It also promises ‘‘new features” that have not been specified. Cyber experts have warned users to refrain from opening any such link. The concerning part is that the link has been masked as an […]

Why To Codecov Breach? Experts Weigh In

Following media reports that hackers who tampered with a software development tool from a company called Codecov used that program to gain restricted access to hundreds of networks belonging to the San Francisco firm’s customers, cybersecurity experts commented below. Experts Comments April 22, 2021 Erez Yalon + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Head of Security Research Checkmarx […]