Ready, Set, Go! Rapid Cloud Adoption Risks Leaving Businesses In A Post-whirlwind Slump

The rapid acceleration in cloud adoption underpins a significant shift in the way we work, and this has only intensified since the pandemic. Many organisations fast-tracked their cloud migration or adoption plans to support employees during the sudden and unexpected shift to remote last year. According to recent data, 76% of IT leaders have increased […]

Bugs Opened John Deere Tractor Owners Up To Doxing


As reported by Motherboard, a pair of bugs in John Deere’s apps and website could have allowed hackers to find and download the personal data of all owners of the company’s farming vehicles and equipment, according to a security researcher who found the vulnerabilities. There is no evidence that hackers exploited these flaws. The researcher, […]

Expert Commentary: Prometei Botnet Exploits Exchange Server Bugs to Grow

Security researchers have discovered that a persistent cryptocurrency mining botnet is exploiting still-unpatched Microsoft Exchange servers to grow globally.  Dubbed “Prometei,” the botnet was first reported on in July 2020 and is thought to have been around since 2016, according to Cybereason Nocturnus. However, the research team found a new development in that the threat actors behind […]

FIDO Alliance IoT Onboarding – Industry Onboarding

Following the news that the FIDO Alliance has created a new onboarding standard to secure IoT devices, the Industry leader commented below. Experts Comments April 23, 2021 Ramsés Gallego + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Security, Risk & Governance International Director Micro Focus The security of the IoT has been a concern for years now, so […]

A Large Majority of IT Pros are Concerned with Teleworking Endpoint Misuse

Five Telco Security Risks to Be Aware Of

A new study has found that 43.13% of workers will stay remote after the pandemic ends and two out of three IT professionals are concerned with teleworking endpoint misuse. The report examines the remote work challenges generated by the pandemic year and the number of people working from home far from corporate environments, on insecure networks, in […]

CISA Identifies SUPERNOVA Malware During Incident Response – Experts Insight

CISA (The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) issued another Pulse Secure alert today regarding SUPERNOVA, an advanced persistent threat (APT) actor’s long-term compromise of an entity’s enterprise network. The threat actor connected to the entity’s network via a Pulse Secure virtual private network (VPN) appliance, moved laterally to its SolarWinds Orion server, installed malware referred to by security researchers […]