Defence In Depth – Time To Start Thinking Outside The Box

Spam Prevention, Anti-Virus, Intrusion Prevention – these are just a few solutions you may already be using as part of your cyber security strategy. Whilst these are all effective in their own right, have you ever taken the time to look at your entire Cyber-attack chain, your end-to-end defences, and wondered what would happen if […]

Experts Reaction On Passwordstate Breached

Click Studios, makers of the Passwordstate enterprise password manager, has notified customers that attackers have compromised the app’s update process mechanism to deliver malware in a supply-chain attack after breaching its networks. A security researcher notes that Click Studios’ notification email to customers states that malicious upgrades were potentially downloaded by customers between April 20 and April 22. […]

Emotet Takedown And Its Implications


On April 25th, law enforcement officials in the Netherlands delivered an Emotet update that removed the malware from all infected computers. The update was made possible after law enforcement agencies from across eight countries orchestrated a coordinated takedown in January to seize servers and arrest individuals behind Emotet, considered by many to be today’s largest […]

Apple’s AirDrop Leaks Users’ PII, And There’s Not Much They Can Do About It

Apple’s AirDrop is reported to be leaking users’ PII. Every time someone opens a sharing panel in either macOS or iOS, they’re leaking hashes that, at a minimum, disclose their phone numbers and likely their email addresses, too. And in some cases, just having AirDrop enabled at all may be enough to leak these details. […]

A New Report Reveals London Has The Highest Rate Of Cybercrime In The UK

Fight Against Cybercrime

A new study into cybercrime reveals the most common types of cybercrime across the UK and the areas with the highest rates. The data shows a 19.1% increase in overall UK cybercrime levels between January 2020 and January 2021.  During the coronavirus pandemic, the UK has seen a cybercrime increase of 19.1%. ESET, a global […]

Russian Hackers Target Washington DC Police Department

BACKGROUND:  As reported by Sky News, Russian hackers breached Washington DC police department’s database and have threatened to share information with criminal gangs unless it pays an unspecified ransom. A Russian-speaking ransomware syndicate has claimed to have stolen sensitive data, including on informants, the police force said. The cybercriminals posted screenshots on their dark web site […]