92% Of Organisations Who Pay Ransoms Don’t Get All Their Data Back

As reported by teiss, as many as 92% of organisations who paid a ransom in the past 12 months did not get all of their data back, with the average organisation getting back just 65% of its data, Sophos’ State of Ransomware 2021 report has revealed.  In 2020, there was a major rise in the […]

Experts Comments on World Password Day

BACKGROUND: As World Password Day is coming up on the 6th of May it reminds us of the importance of protecting ourselves through strong passwords. World Password Day helps people to improve passwords that they use for their online accounts and provide sources to learn more about cybersecurity.  Experts Comments May 06, 2021 Elena Elkina + Follow […]

Expert Insights On Ransomware Task Force Report

The recent Ransomware Task Force report, “Combating Ransomware,” that was delivered to the Biden administration this week and calls for an international coalition to combat ransomware criminals. Experts below provide response on this subject. Experts Comments May 04, 2021 Baber Amin + Follow Me – UnFollow Me COO Veridium The Task Force report is very comprehensive, […]

Expert Commentary – Ofcom Warn People Not to Trust Caller ID

Following the breaking news story which found the UK telecoms regulator is warning the public not to trust caller ID on their phones as it tries to help stop people from becoming victims of fraud. A director at Ofcom, says caller ID should not be used as a means of verifying a caller’s identification. Fraudsters are increasingly changing […]

First Horizon Bank Accts Breached by “Unauthorized Party”, Millions Removed

BACKGROUND: In an SEC filing on Wednesday, First Horizon Bank of Tennessee revealed that login credentials were used by “an unauthorized party,” exploiting third-party security software to remove millions from approximately 200 accounts.  Excerpt: In mid-April, First Horizon Corporation (the “Company”) became aware of a data security incident affecting a limited number of customer accounts. Based on its […]

Security Expert Re: Tesla Cars Hacked Remotely by Drone

Researchers recently showed how a drone can launch an attack via Wi-Fi to take full control of a Tesla’s infotainment by exploiting flaws in a 3rd party component.  (These vulnerabilities have since been patched.) Experts Comments May 04, 2021 Asaf Karas + Follow Me – UnFollow Me CTO Vdoo Automotive manufacturers must design resilient and safety-critical […]

Expert Insight On Buer Malware Rewritten in Rust

BACKGROUND:  Proofpoint Research has released findings of a new variant of the Buer malware loader distributed via emails masquerading as shipping notices. The new strain is rewritten in a coding language called Rust. Key findings include: malware written in Rust enables the threat actor to better evade existing Buer detection capabilities, as well as Proofpoint observing RustyBuer […]

Breached Online Ordering Platforms Expose Hundreds Of Restaurants

The Well-Intentioned Threat of Data Protection and Privacy?

BACKGROUND: Breached online food ordering platforms have exposed hundreds of restaurants, according to researchers. Experts Comments May 04, 2021 Kim DeCarlis + Follow Me – UnFollow Me CMO PerimeterX Magecart attacks on food delivery services are extremely common and the COVID-19 pandemic has only made things worse as online traffic has surged to these sites […]